I designed a new gift card wallet / envelope (which will be uploaded very shortly) and wanted to use stickers to seal them with.  So I created a Christmas sticker sheet with 20 individual stickers on them.  You can download them for free below…

Free download

I put the sticker designs together using Affinity Designer which I might say is an excellent bit of software!  If you are like me and you can’t afford the likes of Adobe software then this is an excellent substitute and just as good and at such a fraction of the cost…and I do mean a fraction of the cost!

So I imported the designs into Silhouette Studio and added a 0.2 cm thicker cut line to each of the stickers, printed with the registration marks on a sheet of A4 glossy sticker vinyl paper.

Then I got cutting the stickers with a “kiss cut” (as you would do with a vinyl cut).

Once they were done, it was a case of using them!  As mentioned I have created these stickers to seal the gift card and cash envelopes I have just designed as you can see…

As mentioned right at the beginning, you can download these stickers for free to use in your personal projects.

The files included for you to complete your stickers is a Silhouette Studio file with the stickers ready to print and cut.  Also a PNG file with the complete stickers.

Enjoy!  🙂


It is important you read before downloading:

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Peony Gate retains all copyrights to the files provided as a download.
You may:
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You may not:
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