To save space we remove DVD’s and Blu-ray disks and their paper cover jackets from the plastic cases, and then place them in DVD plastic sleeves.  This way we can store 3-4 times as many in the space of just one DVD case.

There are DVD’s / Blu-ray’s that have an additional cardboard sleeve, which we were going to throw away.  I had this idea, rather than chuck them away I would have a go at making a notebook out of them; using the cardboard sleeves as the cover.

So I remove the right side of the cardboard sleeve so that it looked like a book cover.

Right side of the cardboard sleeve
Cut straight down the middle of the right hand side of the card sleeve.

Basically I carefully cut straight down the middle of the right side of the sleeve to open the sleeve up.  The side where the card is stuck down I slowly peeled it off trying not to tear the cover.  Then using a bit of sandpaper (very fine), I sanded down any rough parts left to smoothen it out.

With the other section just trim down the side carefully with your knife so that your left with what looks like a book cover even on both sides.  As you can see from the Wizard of Oz sleeve.

Cover cut and ready for the next step...

I added a score down the front and back of the cover on the left side (nearest the spine).  This was 1cm in, and the reasoning for this was so that as well as gluing the text blocks spine to the covers spine I would glue this section (front and back) to the cover just to add extra support.

Marking 1cm away from the spine front and back
Spine of the cover
1cm marking for the front
1cm marking for the rear of the cover

Using a scoring board I made the scored lines front and back.  This left nice clean fold lines.

The next step is to glue the text block into the cover.  With my printer it can print squared paper, so I printed 40 pages of A4 – the amount of sheets used and folded made the correct thickness for the covers spine.

I folded each sheet of paper in half and stacked them on top of each other.  I then clamped them together and glued the spine (3 times).  Once it was dried it was a case of lining up and gluing in.

Once the spine was glued and dried, I then applied glue within the 1cm fold on the front and back, then placed in a press to dry.  This now made it feel a lot more secure and I know it will hold the text block in place.

Once the book was dried it was time to trim and remove the excess paper.  The finished notebook looks great!

To finish of the notebook completely I cut the corners to make them rounded, which has really finished it off nicely.

The Wizard of Oz notebook was made for my daughter, and it was such a success that I made another notebook for my wife with another sleeve from the film Me Before You.

My son is now after one, using a sleeve from the film Planet of the Apes.  🙂

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