Well I have a “Finished Book of Christmas Stamps”, or four books of them anyway!  They have come out really well and really pleased with them!

You can see the previous post and download the free files to create them by cutting them out on your Silhouette Cameo!

However I need to make some changes to the book itself because I seem to have got myself in a bit of a muddle with “which end was which, and which way to have the catch cut” to keep the book closed when not in use!

So back to the drawing board for me.  What I had to do in the meantime was using a guillotine just chop the excess length of card off (which was too long on the wrong end of the booklet).

The pictures below will show you though that they look pretty good and very effective…

I can see what I have done wrong with regards to the booklet, so I will rectify this and upload a new version of the booklet for download on to the original post “Book of Christmas Stamps”…so keep checking back here to see!

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