I have created a Christmas sticker sheet, so that these stickers can used with my foldable gift card envelope I have designed.  The stickers were designed to seal the envelope.

I have not only created a gift card envelope, but also a cash / cheque envelope which is slightly larger.  However it is the same concept where it is foldable and sealed with a sticker.  The images below are of the cash envelope.

I have included a handful of Christmas version of the envelopes (gift card and cash) for download below.  Also in the download is the Silhouette Studio file so that you can add your own patterns to cut, as well as the “inside” of the envelope (gift card and cash), which is slightly larger and will act as a “bleed” just in case of paper slippage when printing.

If you do use the Silhouette files there are a couple of things to remember:

  • Print with the Registration Marks.  But you only need to have these registration marks on the outside and cut that side on your cutter.
  • Make sure the envelope is centred in the middle of the paper for outside and inside, that way everything should be lined up when printed on both sides.
Outside of the Foldable Gift Card Envelope
Turn on Registration Marks
Centre the envelope to the page

If you are printing on the inside of the envelope make sure as mentioned to also centre that to the page.

Another point to make is that the cash envelope is slightly wider that the print mark registrations.  This means that when its cut anything outside of the registration marks won’t cut.

You can adjust this by simply making the changes in the “Advanced Options” section of the “Registration Marks”.  See below:

Adjusting the Registration Marks border
Choose Registration Marks from the Page Setup
Expand Advanced Options
Adjust the left and right borders so that the envelope is within the Registration Marks
The left has been adjusted and the envelope is within the Registration Marks

Enjoy!  I will at some point add more envelopes with other patterns on them for you to use for birthdays and other celebrations…Keep an eye out for them!


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