I have purchased a heavy duty corner punch to use to add a rounded corner the notebooks I make.  I like to add this detail when making them as I think it finishes them off nicely, also I find the corners don’t get bashed and damaged when there is no sharp point!

Before I had this heavy duty punch I would use a corner punch I purchase from a craft shop, which would only cut through 2-3 pages at a time (depending on the paper thickness).  I would use this punch to do the corners on the boards used for front and back covers, but as you can imagine its very thick and takes a good bit of effort to go through it.

It wouldn’t be very uncommon for this light corner punch to stick and clog up, and then having to get a bit heavy handed with it to prize it apart before continuing to carry on with punching.

Using this punch to go through the pages once the book had been bound would be time consuming especially if it has around 100 pages.

Plus sometimes you could easily push the paper in a little to far and cut the corner unevenly.  Also with doing a couple of pages at a time not all the corners were nice and even…but it did the trick!

Using this heavy duty corner punch I can cut through a note book text block within seconds and get nice even corners!  Where as cutting manually would take anywhere from 20-40 minutes (depending on how many pages).

I managed to find this punch on eBay for around £60, it also came with another slightly corner blade should I need it.  It has the 6mm blade in at the moment and the other is a 10mm.

Looking at the finishing item it certainly has done the trick and gives me some time back having to do it manually.

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