Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I love a notebook including a moleskin notebook…there is just something about them, and I know I own a various number of them around the home!

I have a couple of bits of the faux leather looking material in blue and brown and always wanted to have a go at making a moleskin binding.  I know the material is a little thicker so I went in making this notebook as a bit of an experiment.

So I got to work making the text block, attaching the front and back boards.

Once that was completed, it was a case of covering the book with the blue faux leather.

I cut the material to size and glued the spine to it with PVA glue.  I did use the starch paste but it just wasn’t holding, even after a good few minutes, but found the PVA stuck nicely.

I then marked out where the front and back boards would be going then, which would be next to glue down!

With the cover glued to the front and back boards, it was a case of gluing the edges down.

Like any moleskin they generally have rounded corners, which I personally love anyway on any book binding; also I find the corners hold up longer when rounded, rather than sharp point corners which get damaged easily.

But with the faux leather material it is a little thicker and gluing the corners down was slightly more hard work, not to mention that you can’t have a lot of the material glued on-top of each other as it is thicker and doesn’t look right when the endpapers are added.

As you can see in the image above I held the material in place to dry using strips of board and mini bulldog clips.

The card helped protect from the bulldog clips marking the blue material.

Once the cover had been completed and dried I added the endpapers.  I found some orange paper to use as this colour compliments blue and I thought it would break it up a bit.

Once the endpapers were added I then put the book in my press to let it dry.

I did mean to add elastic to the book so that it would keep it closed (as you find on moleskin notebooks), however I totally forgot as I meant to have done this before I put the endpapers on; and the endpapers would cover the eyelets and keep it neat and tidy.

I’ll have to remember to do this on my next version of the book! Otherwise I am very pleased with the outcome of the book, I’ll need to get the corners sorted and neater, but love it!

I may try and add a pocket as well on the next version!

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