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Last year I created some Santa gift tags to print and cut out and use to attach to christmas presents.

If I remember correctly I said that I would have to try and create some more christmas style gift tags.  Well I have put together another set and this time with “Rudolph” as the main character, which I seem to remember saying I would have a go at creating some reindeer gift tags!  🙂


So I opened up Affinity Designer and started designing my reindeer, I gradually got the character with a few adjustments here and there, especially the antlers -I think I may have drawn them a number of times before I was happy with the ones he/she has now.  I also must have re-coloured the face a dozen of times because it was either to orangey brown or two dark brown and just didn’t look right.

Anyway this is the finished reindeer to the right, and happy the way he came out!

So now I had the reindeer character completed I needed to add him/her to the tags.  I re-used the tags I created for the Santa tags last year.  I changed the colours of the tags, and there we have…new Christmas reindeer gift tags.


I have uploaded a copy of the finished tags for you to use for yourself this coming Christmas.  Why not download the Santa gift tags as well to have some variation on your presents?


You can use these in Silhouette Studio and cut them out.  I would suggest using the “Trace” tool and “Trace and detach” to get three separate tags, then “Trace” again to get the edges to cut round the tags.

I resized them to 9.429cm in width (remembering to lock aspect so that they stay in proportion).  This way I managed to get 6 to a A4 page, as you can see in the image.  I also added a rectangle on filled with the same colour as the tags border, this was done to create a bleed area for cutting.  I then printed and cut; and thats how I got my tags. 🙂


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