Christmas is nearly upon us and as I type this, its exactly a month away!  Last year I created some fun character gift tags with Rudolph and Santa.  This year I have created some script Christmas gift tags which have a more elegant look to them…and you can download them for free!

I thought that they would like good printed and cut out on a brown card just like the brown paper wrapping paper you can get.  I was hoping that this would give the tags a bit of a vintage look to them.

So with that in mind I loaded the templates up in Silhouette Studio and printed them off with the registration marks on the card, ready for the Silhouette Cameo align and cut.

However, there was a problem with this, and my Cameo would not pickup the registration marks from the card!  I tried so many times and even thought by shining a light on the card to lighten it up a bit; it would work!

With all my perseverance it would not find the registrations and cut…ahhhh…my only assumption on this is purely that the card is too dark for the Cameo to pick up the marks.  I must admit just to check it wasn’t a fault with my cutter I printed on plain white card and it worked fine.

So what do I do next?  Well my next thought was to print the card without the registration marks; place the card on the cutting mat absolutely precise and load the cutting mat up precisely with the marker and cut that way!?

I did that…and…to my absolute joy it cut perfectly, as you can see below…

I tried this again another 2-3 times and each one came out just the same as the first attempt; so I now know that if printing with registration marks on darker paper or card doesn’t work, all I need to do is load it up precisely on the cutting mat and cutter!

Once they were cut out I cut of some green and red twine at about 25cm in length each, and fed a piece into each hole of the gift tag.

Really love these tags because they have a real vintage look about them being printed and cut on the brown card; and with the script font used.  Simple and effective.  You can see the final tags below…

These script christmas gift tags are available for a free download, so that you can print and cut them out for you christmas gifts.  There are two versions of the template, one is just the outline of the gift tag with the text inside; and the other has a brown card effect applied to them if you haven’t got brown card and liked the effect.

Let me know how you get on if you download the files…Enjoy!  🙂


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