I made a Starbucks soft back notebook from a paper bag I had collected recently over the last few months.  Why throw them away when I can up-cycle, right?!I’ve made quite a collection of bags, and some, I didn’t realise at the time were too small for hard back books.  It occurred to me that I didn’t need to throw them away but use them for soft back bindings.

One of the bags in question was a Starbucks bag that I had collected around Christmas.

So I got printing, and produced lined paper just like the hardback version of the Starbucks notebook which is in the colours of the logo (green and black).

I created the cover by gluing the paper bag to an A4 sheet of brown card, positioning first.  Once all the air bubbles are pushed out using my squeegee I then placed it in my press to dry flat and to stop it from curling up.

The cover (once dried) was stitched with the lined paper to create the notebook.

I like the positioning of the paper bag (if not just slightly out) with the text “Crafted by Hand and Heart”, which from my point is also true!

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