I have been testing eyelets for a moleskin notebook project. The eyelets will be used to hold the elastic in place that will keep the notebook closed and stop it from falling open.

As you will have read in previous posts I like to make notebooks, and the latest one I have made is a moleskin style book.

Now, I meant to have done this for this moleskin book project but entirely forgot to try this, and that was to add the elastic to the book.

My plan to attach the elastic to the notebook cover was to use the eyelets you use for leather, and insert the elastic into them, then using the leather eyelet punch…attach to the board.

First of all you need to make the hole, and I purchased a Japanese screw punch to do this.  I have originally purchased this punch to have a go at a Japanese binding…but not tried yet, but stay tuned for that!

The Japanese screw punch is great for going through think board, so this is ideal for the job in hand.

Japanese screw punch

So I punched away and made a hole in the board and filled it with an eyelet, as well as slipping the elastic in-between the card and eyelet.  Then I punched it with the leather punch…there you have it!

I repeated the same process but with a bit of the faux leather stuck to the board.  With the material stuck to the board I found it added a little extra thickness, so with one of the holes I removed a layer of the board (on the reverse) so that it would make the eyelet a little counter-sunk.

So the theory works, I just need to put it into practice…and not to forget next time!  🙂

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