We used to own a Canon inkjet printer which we had for a good number of years and it had to be one of the best printers we have ever owned for quality and longevity!

But alas, after a good lot of years and thousands of pages printed it went up to printer heaven!…if there is such a thing?…well the local recycling centre!  🙁

So I decided on going for a laser printer, needing the speed for when I print my lined paper (double sided)…it takes less than half the time now compared to the old inkjet.

I had purchased some vinyl sticker paper when I had the inkjet printer…and it was a pack of about 50 sheets, so I was a little gutted I may not be able to use it with the new laser printer (because the paper was down for inkjet printers).

I wondered whether the vinyl sticker paper would work in the laser printer?  So I thought that there is only one way to find out…that was to try it!

So I got designing the stickers, and I have started off with some “Thank you!” designs…I have ideas for other’s like “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary”, etc.

Designing the stickers...

I finished the designs for the stickers and exported them as PNG file format to import into Silhouette Studio.  The reason for the PNG is it makes it easier to do the Trace around the images and imports with no background.

I went for an Offset around the images then to give a bit of a border (but since printing and cutting I may change that).

I was then ready to print.  So I got a sheet of the vinyl sticker paper and placed it in the printer tray (making sure I had it up the right way round).  I set the paper type to glossy photo paper at around 170 gsm.

I clicked “Print”…and waited to see what came out!

…thankfully they printed out brilliantly!  Then placed it through my Silhouette Cameo and removed the sticker paper apart from the stickers.

So I am really pleased with the way they have come out and happy that I am able to make use of the vinyl sticker paper.  One thing I will make a change on is not having an Offset but cut around the sticker itself.

I just need to put together more stickers now!

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