I had a go at using gold foil for the first time, never having used it before…I had a friend who asked me if I had ever done any craft work using the foil effect…and my answer was “no” as I had never tried it before…I must admit I didn’t have a clue how it was done!

So I had to give it a go, but first I had to figure out how it was done!  So I had a look online and soon found my answers.

How to get the Foiled Effect

The list below is what’s required to accomplish the foiled effect…

  • Gold Foil (there are various colours you can purchase)
  • Laser printer (but print using black toner)
  • Laminator

Thankfully I had all of those items, apart from the foil so ordered some.

Creating the Gold Foil Effect

After looking around the web I managed to find out how to do the foil effect, and it seemed like a pretty easy enough thing to do.


First you will need to print your design out and remember anything you want the foil to stick needs to be printed in black toner.

Creating the Foil Effect

Once you have your printed image / design you are ready to create the foil effect.  With your laminator make sure its on (obviously) and hot!

Cut the foil to the size and shape of the area you want to adhere, and place it on top.  Then place your design and foil between two pieces of paper.

Then basically feed your work through the laminator.  Once it comes out, just peel the foil of your design and where the black toner is on the paper / card will now be covered in foil!

For my first attempt I was really happy with it!  I was really surprised how easy it was and effective it can be.

Now, I am not sure if it’s my laminator (as in not hot enough and it is oldish), but I found on some of the test prints that patches were still black and not covered with foil.  Tried putting the foil and print through the laminator again to see if that would work, and it did work on some but not all.

I have also heard that the reason why the foil doesn’t stick to the image is because it’s the black toner and some brands of toners are better than others?

All I can say is if you are wondering about giving it a go…go for it!  I was really pleased with the results and got a few ideas for some projects.

Foil effect

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